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An everyday sweetmeat

Rasgulla, popular in the Indian subcontinent, is a sweetmeat that is usually pink or yellow in color, and has a consistency that melts in the mouth. Rasgulla is one of the most well known sweets and is sold from our shop windows everyday. People like to eat it at room temperature, hot, or cold, and serve it garnished with seeds and pistachios. It is usually of an oval shape, but can also be round, depending upon how it is rolled out. The main ingredients of this sweet are chhena (cottage cheese prepared at home using a cheesecloth) and sugar.
In order to make rasgulla, first the cottage cheese is prepared. Milk is boiled and lemon juice is added to curdle it. Then, the cheese is wrapped in cheesecloth and hung so as to separate the liquid from it. Then it is kneaded until smooth, and oval shaped dumplings are rolled out by hand. A sugar syrup is prepared that is flavored with rose water and good quality saffron. We cook the dumplings in the syrup for some time until they have fluffed up and are almost double in size. Finally, they are served with sugar syrup and garnished with pistachios or saffron strands.
While people love to eat rasgulla everyday, we have to prepare almost tripe the amount during the days of festivals like Diwali and Eid. During those days, there is a huge demand for our luscious rasgullas or sugar soaked cottage cheese balls as they can be called. These are superior in both taste and quality to any other shops selling rasgulla in Ontario. We work as a team to make and serve the best tasting sweets to our customers, which take them on a joy ride right through childhood. People also buy our rasgulla to take them to other countries.