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Pink Chum Chum

Pink Chum Chum

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Pink chum chum, The wedding essentials

A variation on the Bengali sweet, chum chum, pink chum chum is basically chum chum dyed with pink food coloring. Chum chum is very popular in South Asia and along with gulab jamun, it is a part of every sweets display and thaali. They are light pink with an oval shape, and a sugary interior. It is also available in other colors, but pink being a universal color is favored among the people. These are tastefully decorated, stuffed with fillings, garnished with slivered nuts and covered with silver foil. The foil is optional since it is usually done for weddings, and not for everyday occurrences.
PakSweets uses old recipes that are not just recipes, but can be considered family heirlooms. These recipes have been passed down three generations and we use them today to make our chum chum, laddoo and all other products. Pink chum chum are sold well so we make fresh batches everyday, using fresh ingredients and frying the sweets in cholesterol and trans fat free oils and ghee. The process for making pink chum chum is similar to regular chum chum, and the only difference is the addition of pink food dye to the dough for the chum chum balls. These are also cooked in sugar syrup and decorated with garnishing, and stuffing.
These sweets look really pretty arranged in concentric circles on a silver platter. We pack these with tissue weight paper in our special boxes, and these can go for weeks if stored well in a refrigerator, though ideally they are so delicious they never last more than a week. Our customers love to return to us to buy our rich, fattening sweetmeats and to gift them to their loved ones and relatives. You can visit our shop in Mississauga anytime and find pink chum chum in stock. If you’re still unsure, you can call us in advance.