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Mini Rasgulla

Mini Rasgulla

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Perfect shaped Rasgullas to keep you in shape

Mini rasgulla are rasgullas that are rolled out smaller in size. These are perfect for weight conscious people who do not want to cut back on sweets every time. PakSweets keeps this in mind while preparing our mini rasgullas, small and round balls of cottage cheese balls that have been soaked in rich sugar syrup. These can be bought plain if you do not like to eat food that has been colored artificially. We also offer catering services if you want to buy our sweetmeats for a wedding or a birthday party, any occasion where large quantities of the sweet are required.
The mini rasgullas bought from other shops are often rubbery and not nearly half as appetizing as our products. Some recipes also call for adding semolina or corn flour, since it is known to help the rasgullas retain their roundness and not fall apart easily. Our customers constantly complain that they cannot be satisfied with the rasgullas bought from other shops after they have tried ours. We like to lay the credit on our team of workers who make it possible for us to provide dessert to hundreds of dinner tables everyday.
Children love our mini rasgullas for their ‘cute’ size, and adults love them for the low calories. These are popular at parties where food is served in smaller portions and people love to use toothpicks. We also sell our rasgullas to third parties, such as grocery stores where they are stocked and sold out very soon. Our customers try our sweets and say that they are even better than the ones they used to eat back home, and their reviews make all our efforts seem miniscule. Should you want to eat rasgullas, or any Indian or Pakistani sweet for that matter, you only have to visit our shop to buy a box.