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Khoya Pini

Khoya Pini

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Khoya Pini, a traditional Punjabi sweet

Khoya Pini is another traditional Punjabi sweet that is famous in South Asia for its nutritional benefits. It is also eaten for its rich taste and consistency that seems to melt in your mouth. Apart from other commonly known sweets like rasgulla, gulab jamun, barfi, petha, we also make alsi and khoya pini in our kitchens. We get a lot of requests for these sweets because even though they are well integrated in Pakistani culture, they are hard to find abroad. When you are able to find them in a grocery shop, they are often imported, stale and packed with preservatives to increase the shelf time.
We take care to make our sweets like our customers like them, so that they taste like the ones available back home. For that, we make sure to follow techniques that have been taught to us by our elders. In the making of our khoya pini, we use fresh homemade khoya. We roast fresh sifted atta or whole-wheat flour in ghee, and add dry fruits of choice to it. Then the khoya and sugar are added to the mixture in a particular order. Once the mixture has been prepared, we roll it our by hand, adding a personal touch that is absent from the sweetmeats being produced in large amounts by machines.
The pinnies are allowed to cool down. Then they are displayed in our shop windows, the first thing customers rest their eyes on once they enter the shop. These keep for a long time if stored well, even though we don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavorings in our sweets. You can buy these from our shop during the winter months, and enjoy their nutritional and health benefits throughout. Not only are they good for adults, but are also beneficial for children.