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Khoya Pera

Khoya Pera

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


khoya peda covered with edible silver leaf

Khoya Pera or Khoya Peda is a traditional Indian sweetmeat. As the name suggests, the main ingredients of this sweet are mawa or khoya, sugar, cardamom for flavoring, and saffron strand infused milk. It is often eaten during the festivals such as Eid, Navratri and Dewali, but can be eaten on any ordinary day should you happen to crave it. Due to the high calorie content, these are not your casual every day sweet and happen to be very rich. If you’re in Mississauga, you can buy this sweetmeat from PakSweets where it is prepared throughout the year.
Most of our rival companies like to take the easy way out by using milk powder to make their khoya pera. But PakSweets is a representative of age-old traditions that are a part of our heritage. Not only do we use fresh khoya in making khoya peda, but we also make it ourselves, rather than buying the preservatives loaded version from the local grocery stores. The fresh mawa is cooked down with the rest of the ingredients until dough is formed. The dough is rolled into round shapes by hand before being garnished with slivered pistachios. To give it a more festive look for weddings, we like to cover our khoya peda with edible silver leaf, more commonly known as chandi ka warq.
Like the rest of our sweetmeats, Khoya Peda also has its cultural importance. Our customers love our sweets and claim that they taste better and are more decadent than the ones they have bought from every other shop. They refer others to our shop, and also give boxes of this sweet to their friends and relatives as a gift. Look no further if you want to eat khoya peda that is not only fresh, delicious but has been prepared in cholesterol free oil.