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A Symbol of South Asian culture

There are few sights in the World as enticing as a brown bag full of hot jalebis (fresh from the oil) is to the desi heart. There are very few vendors of Jalebi in Canada who make it just the right way. PakSweets is proud to serve platters of jalebi out to its customers everyday. Jalebi has various names throughout different cultures, such as Zelapi and Jilapi, but what remains the same are its chewy texture, golden yellow color and the crunchy sugary exterior. They are very sweet and usually one or two jalebis is enough to satisfy your cravings, which is why they are one of the most popular South Asian sweets. They are often eaten in combination with other foods, like curd, milk or flavored water but taste just as great alone.
PakSweets creates its jalebi the conventional way that yields the crunchiest and most delicious delights. This technique has been passed down through three generations and is an evidence of our cultural heritage. A batter is prepared using all-purpose flour, which is accentuated with rich sugar syrup. Using a pastry bag, the batter is piped into the shape of circles or pretzels into the fresh heated oil. Finally, they are removed from the oil and placed on paper towels to soak the excess oil, before being served out to the eager customers and placed on the shop countertops.
Jalebis are a popular part of Indian and Pakistani culture. They can be seen, both hot and cold, on all festivals and celebrations like Ramadan and Diwali. They are also distributed in paper bags, on days of cultural and religious significance. People eat them on ordinary days too, with a steaming hot cup of tea and serve them to guests in trays. In Ontario, we bring South-Asian emigrants closer to their culture by providing them with fresh jalebis everyday. People love to visit our shop to take home jalebis, which are plentiful not only in quality but also in quantity.