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Boondi Ladoo

Boondi Ladoo

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Colorful ​Sweetmeat ​balls

Boondi are colorful balls made from gram flour that have been drenched with sugar syrup. These are used to make a special kind of ladoo called the boondi laddoo which are often gold yellow in color, with raisins and dried fruits studded throughout. We make boondi ladoos due to the huge demand we have for them. These are a comparatively lesser known sweets so not many people in Canada know of them, and even lesser know how to make them the right way. Usually people cannot get the mixture just right so that the boondis would hold together well in the ladoo shape.
The boondi ladoo is called because of the perforated ladle that is used to make the boondi. It is often available in two different consistencies, the soft ones and the firm ones. We make our boondi ladoos using fresh ingredients, which accounts for the superior taste and quality. The boondis are rolled out into a dough with ground melon seeds, cardamom powder and ghee. We use good quality ghee because it hols together the ladoos well.
There are many other vendors in the area but their products have not been nearly as successful as ours. We have been gaining recognition in Mississauga since 2006, and have had a lot of experience backing us up. Apart from sweetmeats, we also prepare fresh snacks like vegetable and chicken samosas, and namak paray every day. Our customers try our sweets and return to buy them to share with friends and family. As of last year, we have prepared and sold about three million samosas, an evidence of our popularity. If you find yourself craving Pakistani food while you are living in Ontario, we have got you covered with our elaborate range of mithai prepared with fresh khoya and ghee.